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Jasmine's Flower

Merry Meet and welcome to my home. Let me introduce myself, my name is Quatlynn Gaia. Your welcome to visit any part of my home while your here... Enjoy!

My Lords, if you would hear a high tale of love and death, here is that of Tristan and Queen Iseult; how to their full joy, but to their sorrow also, they loved together upon one day; she by him and he by her.
-We by Robert A. Johnson

My Mystical Garden: Come out to my garden and see all the herbs and learn about their medicinal and magical properties.
My Kitchen: Now, here in the kitchen I'll give you a few recipies to make with the herbs from my garden and other wonderful goodies.
My Meditation Room: Come pull up a bean bag chair, have a seat, and relax. Drink your herbal tea, light the candles and incense, and enjoy.
My Craft Room: Did you like the smell of an incense? Come on in here and see how I made them.
My Library: This room is under construction. If you would like to help build this room send your poetry, and any spiritual insights to me.
My Web Rings and Awards: Come in and see the awards I have won, and the web rings that I belong to and support.

This page is dedicated in loving memory of my sister Jasmine.
May 17th 1991- July 7th 1991

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This website is based on my personal religious views, which are Wiccan. We are fortunate to live in a country where every person can choose his or her own religious beliefs and is allowed to freely express those beliefs. However, I do not wish to offend anyone. If you do not agree with my views, I respect your right to disagree. If you find my religious views offensive -- or if you find religious views that are not Judeo-Christian in nature to be offensive -- please go no further.

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